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Wot is-6 matchmaking

Your local friendly credits guru: http://forum. And short overview if someone could do it how this tank is behaving after the buff it got in 8.

Please include your order number relationship dating online reason of the returning. Because the side arour is wot is-6 matchmaking as thick as the front armor, sidescraping is matchmakking a very good tactic.

I mean, yes, you have to know wot is-6 matchmaking to shoot and who to avoid, but I never fire gold in it and 2k damage blocked isnt unusual at all.

Play with the is-6 wot is-6 matchmaking seem different. Wardrobe malfunctions of best macthmaking tank will be no more information on the is-6 or matchmajing all angry with horny people. Armor=Terrible (turret is easily to be penned, hull and frontal armor is curved and no matter which way you side scrape you can be easily penned especially with APCR/HESH/HEAT rounds).

Its fast, gun mxtchmaking is very nice, wot is-6 matchmaking is surprisingly bouncy. Preliminary design work had already been completed by the Experimental Plant No. It is not a complete pain to play, with good matchmaking it can really roll through teams with its dpm, and while the armor is not great you can definitely troll people by juking.

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It has good armour and decent mobility, but an inaccurate gun with fairly low penetration. ProTanki mod pack http://dataurbia. Just because of the dpm bonus I would take the Is6 over the 112.

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Wargaming NAs Showdown Saturday tank this week is the AMX ELC bis! The rate-of-fire and alpha damage are quite good, however, and at shorter ranges the IS-6 can use its superior damage output to its advantage, especially against the Löwe and T34.

The increased weight of the electrical transmission also reduced the vehicles maneuverability, eliminating any advantages in handling the electrical transmission would have provided. Eventually, two designs for the IS-6 were submitted, both in the classical tank configuration.

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I have played, I run standard ammo, not sure about improvements, the IS-6 is one of those that is heavily dependent on the players skill, but I am certain the buffs did not hurt it at all. Armor wise the IS-6 does not have overwhelming “in your face” armor, but what it does have is above average armor around the entire tank. When I play mine it seems like crew skills go up pretty fast.

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I mean look at the defender, lowe, jagd 8. Repair as the first skill for all the crew members is a solid choice, allowing broken tracks or other damaged modules to be brought to operational condition as quickly as possible.

The division matchmaking issues

Matchmaking=Iffy Yea, MM as a whole is iffy. No, I have one and its collecting dust in my garage.

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Bought it for [edited]and giggles figuring I could just refund it through support if it was bad. Well, close encounters it is good because you are close, but the number of missed shots being close to laughable, and I run fully trained crews. I have the 252U also, after almost 1500 battles in the IS-6, and 400 battles in the 252u, no doubt the 252u is superior, but the issue with the 252u is the gun handling, it is rather poor compared to the IS-6. Mentor may also be used instead of Repair if the emphasis is on getting the other crew members skills up faster.

Follow me on Mqtchmaking https://www. The IS-6 will hit the longer shots better, and almost always hit close range. Brothers-in-Arms is a good perk to have on any tank, but requires all crew members to have it at 100% before it works. The IS has sloped armor everywhere so it benefits alot wot is-6 matchmaking this making it very bouncy, as long as you watch your angles.

This tank is known by is match dating wot is-6 matchmaking free preferential matchmaking sites see tier 6 preferential matchmaking.

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