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Andre would usually be on your side, not matter what, and Cat? Jade says with a glare, about to slam the door closed. Robbie says, looking between each of victorious fanfiction tori and jade dating others. Thats kinda dark for a Sikowitz play. He says, taking a bite of his fry. We got to talking, and she agreed to go with me to keep our syria dating sites. Ill give you a ride after school.

I dont think thatd make things easier.

Robbie explains, shrugging his shoulders. Tori was about to jare something when she was yet again interrupted by a red-headed girl with a love for candy. They got in and did their seat belts before Jade answered.

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Robbie says, finishing the sandwich he got from the Grub Truck, washing it down with his water. I ask casually as Beck drives towards his R.

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What was Jades reason for yelling at you this morning? What if they were in Toris room? M/M and F/F relationships Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Romance - [Robbie S.

She placed her hands behind her back and made sure to quietly lock it on the inside. Turning around, we see an angry Jade and slightly worried Tori behind her, making their way towards us. Robbie says, slowly regretting coming over.

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Cat asked the visibly pissed off goth girl. He adds as they reach the class, Jade already sitting in her usual seat, the back corner closest to the door. The pale beauty inquired, at Trinas nod her smirk broadened. Beck says, pulling into the driveway in front of the Oliver family garage, beside his R.

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After the break up, Beck and I have been hanging out more regularly when not with the others, Andre occasionally hanging out with us, but its usually just us at his R. Well, I kind of noticed that up there Trina murmured. After a fight they breakup and Tori shows Jade how much she really doesnt know her.

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I watch his as he tells his story, my eyebrows raising when he mentions that he used to take glances at me for the same reason I would glance at him. She was telling me a joke, and it was funny. Well, apparently, Ryder isnt most people.

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Andres Toris best friend, and Jade could see it as Tori twisting the story. Why was it so important to you anyways? Robbie says to the closed door, not knowing if Jade hears him or not.

Two months Both girls said in unison. Because I asked, and I only want to help. Were dating she said directly Like it?

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