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Many of these came from America, the home of the Shuco Teddy Bear, which has a compact hidden in the creatures tummy. Compacts are practical to collect, being relatively inexpensive, easily stored and durable, and strwtton are still plenty of them around. Antiques Roadshow | Compacst Hour 3 Preview: Ostertag Minaudière stratton compacts dating Juliette Edwards is rightly considered to be THE vintage Stratton expert absolute (radioactive) dating definition we are grateful to her for releasing this etratton in her very informative book The Stratton Key.

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How much of a lap over or etratton this list is, Im unsure, but its certainly a basic reference point to dating your Stratton. For Part Two of my posts on great resources for collectors, let’s look at Stratton. You can find Janes designs at www. There are exceptions, but compacts are relatively easy to date.

Madonna uses one in Evita, the film which started the current interest in post-war fashion. Dating Stratton compacts is always going to be a work in progress, even after four years of collecting stratton compacts dating still learning, finding new ways of dating (you can even date through compactz size and shape of the original powder puffs). For even more, see Juliette’s legendary self-published book “ The Stratton Key“.

With them being on two cabinets and a vintage cake stratton compacts dating crammed with them and lets not talk about the dusting lol.

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See my new collection of compact mirrors in pewter and enamel. Post- war Forties compacts are square and functional. Now more than 100 people subscribe to Face Facts, the quarterly newsletter in which collectors and dealers swap information and strike bargains. Stratton Compacts happen to be some of the easiest of compacts to find - for use or for collecting - I myself have eight of them (shown above).

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I have seen compacts as low as $10 and as high as $500. In the 1930s, they were producing half the compacts in the UK (impressive, right?

If youve got a compact, you can date it by looking at the style, finding the manufacturers name and tracing the patent number, Juliette Edwards explains. The price, of course, varies depending on availability, date, condition, and design.

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Last year I treated myself to a 1940s Stratton compact and Instagrammed the above image. Its intriguing all the intimate details on things that enable you to trace their age. International Club for Compact Collectors, PO Box 100, Malvern, NY 11565.

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The book to start out with is Juliette’s “Powder Compacts, A Collectors Guide”. In 1997 the Company that made the Stratton powder compacts was sold & they ceased to be British made. The company closed in 1997, but has since been revived. Dani Boyd - a member of the British Compact Society produced a Youtube video in 2013 showing how you can date your Strattons by the design upon the bottom of the compact.

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Unfortunately, during World War II (1940 to be exact), Stratton faced a setback after losing four of its five factories to enemy bombs. Some even reflected the Beat generation, with Jackson Pollock splashes of colour on silk. Social/Twitter Created with Sketch. You can now register online to receive the fantastic news letter Face Facts.

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I was looking for something like this, thanks! The Compact Shop prides itself as the official stockist for Stratton compacts. One’s currently listed for £237!

Flat and round, they often had ultra-feminine images of birds, flowers and ballerinas on the lids. A Collectors Guide” has a six-page chapter on Stratton which is all you’ll need to get going. On this side of the Atlantic, Juliette Edwards set up the British Compact Collectors Society in 1995. British Compact Collectors Society, PO Box 131, Woking, Surrey GU24 guys dating sites. Compacts are not only beautiful and functional, they are also stratton compacts dating personal eating.

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