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Discussion in K-POP started by Drew_B_Part_2, Jun 23, 2018. I didnt catch sana dating onehallyu here making fun. There was a mass thread about it to discuss it while it was happening, and there are relevant North Korea threads as well. I dont think its exactly the kind of answer youre looking for, but the most obvious, and darkest, would be a Le hook up Korean threat.

TWICEs Dating Ban Has Been Lifted, Can Now Sana dating onehallyu Date. Dara dating part is bs, last time I checked she was dating an actor. I remember reading an article that referenced this years SK gay parade and they had an interview from a white dude that dressed up as jesus sana dating onehallyu attended.

Please note Im being facetious with most of these unless I tagged it as serious.

Now that would be a huge scandal. Sana was known as the weird/4D member on Sixteen though. I find it inappropriate when people say things like this sana dating onehallyu about Sewol haulting the entertainment industry. Plus these two are shipped with practically every male celeb out there. The kpop sana dating onehallyu - folks in their onehallyuu and 20s - are waaay more accepting of homosexuality than their parents, and theres been more and more comments by artists supporting gay rights, and music videos that support or explore queer concepts.

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Not to mention the fact that a lot of male idols would suddenly be drafted in an instant. I think Taeyong is dating someone, but no idea if she is a celeb or not. Its also revealed that Seohyun is the one in charge of SM and shes the one that put f(x) on hiatus because she hates them, shes the one that tipped off Dispatch to Baekhyun and Taeyeons dating scandal, shes the one who kicked Jessica out, shes the one who convinced KrisLuTao to leave.

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Wait, what do you mean doesnt mean they cant? Discord and major conflict seems more likely than it has in a long while. People always say this about protesting.

Single-line or Twitter translations are not sufficient. Sana REVEALS her and Eunhas ongoing PRIVATE ROMANTIC relationship .

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Ladies Codes accident was devastating, and yet with them being a somewhat nugu group at the time they still had tons of idols in the industry along with kpop fans worldwide paying their respects to them. It does and you get used to NK doing that stuff after more than a decade of year after year of threats, lol. Serious] Jessica releases a tell-all book called Not My Angels, Not My Girls, Not My Sunshine: #JustBecause.

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I am confused what you want because as far as I can see it was left out of the discussion as you request. Not only gay, announcing that two of the members are getting married and theyre retiring from the idol industry to live happily ever after after news broke that a member of Twice or SNSD was going to be the surrogate mother for their baby.

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But you are right tho, after the incident with Junhyeok, they would be very careful not to make any sudden actions that might provoke the K-Netz to start looking on their case. Yeah, like thats going to happen. Suddenly BTSs early financial struggles make a lot more sense. How long did each member trained for (in years)?

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He chose to continue dating rather than following following the ban. Also all of you here who didnt hate us before should now! Her and Chaeyoung are probably the least talkative on broadcast they speak when its their turn but they dont really take the initiative to show themselves. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the way that social change works if you think that the purpose of protests is for individuals to get their anger out.

These are more appropriate for sana dating onehallyu, or the Friday Free-For-All discussion thread. But like I said theyre all pretty responsible so its hard to say who is the most responsible. The only sanw Im suspicious about is Sana and Wonpil (Day6) where in their V game for the JYP solo part of the group stage, they were exchanging glances and wonpil looked very shy towards Sana.

Just when their dreams of debuting were coming true, something like that happens. I wouldnt be surprised if when we get an openly gay major idol (if ever), if sana dating onehallyu closeted idols slowly follow best apps for dating 2018 and we see some come out here and there after we get that first initial starter.

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