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Adam: “SFDL” is a jangly rebuttal to society’s standards for love and happiness. What they teach us: Shagging gets boring as you get older so just do lots of it russian speed dating party and you should have enough sexy memories in the bank.

What the band have said: “It’s about a goodbye, really, and about me being a bit of a knob. What the lyrics suggest: Seems like it’s a pretty open-and-shut case, sarge.

Note: When you embed the widget in sna site, it san francisco dating life lyrics match your sites styles (CSS). Ted: I intended this one to be a cathartic breakup song. I listened back when we were demoing this album and decided to revamp it. Crank it in full below, right alongside the Bay Area band’s exclusive track-by-track commentary….

Real-life equivalent: Wayne Rooney and his granny san francisco dating life lyrics. What the frnacisco suggest: Elliptical account of a relationship glimpsed in nostalgic bytes, fragments, images: the seven-hour flight, the 45-minute drive. Nathan: “Shotgun” is about the bridges I’ve burned throughout my life and the overarching fantasy that one day I could just cruise out of town and leave them all behind.

Nathan: I san francisco dating life lyrics “How I Feel Now” when I was working almost every day in San Francisco. You dont have permission to view this page. What the lyrics suggest: A woman who married young, and badly, to “a gentleman who isn’t gentle”, and has seen the best years of her life taper away into a bone-dry sexual desert.

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What they teach us: You should still turn up early to the show – you never know who you might catch. I wanted to meld that sentiment with a dreamy, ’90s-ish kind of sound that makes you either jump around or sink deep into a couch and bob your head.

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I think this is a song about a breakup (obviously), but its caused by the boyfriend pressurising the girl into sex when she wasn’t ready, they fooled around a lil in the car (implied by the bit about car going around the bend) but neither of them were ready. What they teach us: If you listen very carefully to this track you can hear a junior government minister repeatedly telling you that smoking can cause birth defects. I wrote the lyrics about my experience moving to San Francisco from Davis and feeling super lost before I made friends and spread my roots. Hot Flash Heat Wave Lyrics provided by SongLyrics.

So as not to drive each other mad we started messing around with these words, like a game, singing them to each other. Ted: I wrote this one when one of my best friends was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and experiencing manic episodes. What the lyrics suggest: The reference to trilbies and white wine are a direct wormhole back to 2005, when for £7 you could see six bands full of these over-styled chances in hoopy T-shirts any given night. Lonely Times Lyrics Hot Flash Heat Wave>Lonely Times6.

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Nathan:The first half of “Make It Right” is about our drummer Nick moving into the shed in our backyard, and struggles with anxiety and depression. They disappear off together into the night, while Alex Turner is stood opposite with a notebook, a pen and an eye on being this generation’s Sting, eagerly writing down all this great material. Hot Flash Heat Wave Lyrics>Hot Flash Heat Wave Lyrics provided by SongLyrics. The exhortation to “break my nose”.

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I think that what he [Brian] wanted. I was sitting around moping and being a sad boy when I thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to write another sad song.

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What they teach us: Don’t become a prostitute if you’re sensitive to cold weather ‘cos really you can’t pick up much trade when you’re wearing a nice big woolly jumper, some trackie pants and a bobble hat. I first thought of the title phrase walking through the mission, and the rest came from there. This song is about the fantasy of a girl who lifts you out of your everyday routine to be somewhere fresh and exciting. Also, it’s widely unknown that New York Stadium is actually the home of Rotherham FC (well, since 2012 – Ed).

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Perhaps I were craving to experience something else and looking back and feeling like you were a bit of a knobhead, just in how you perhaps treated that person. Did laugh with the shirt, tie combo. Real-life equivalent: Alexa Chung. What the internet thinks: “It’s a tribute to prossies and their pimps – but i love this song!

But who are they and what from Alex Turner’s real life inspired them? Why do we try to love, what is it good for? Real-life equivalent: Pippa Middleton. It’s kind of like that unstoppable feeling of anticipation when you’re looking forward to something great that’s right around the corner.

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