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Online dating mod sims 4

Looks like theres a bot running on your network. Why did you accept my message if you didnt want to go out with me? My female Sim (pre-made EA family in Riverview) recently got a love letter from HER OWN FATHER. I decide to try the online dating with one of my other families and to my surprise I didnt have to set up a profile for one of the sims in the household.

And with wildly different traits female military dating format body types than they actually had. I think it has some faulty line of code that automatically puts Sims on the online dating thing without them onnline interacting with it. I found out later that he had a girlfriend this whole time.

My sim responded to a message from one of her admirers on the computer and then nothing happened. The game was paused the entire time I online dating mod sims 4 in edit town mode, and 2 minutes had gone by before I had my Sim check the online dating profiles, and lo simss behold everyone in the new family I had online dating mod sims 4 created had already signed up for online dating.

Why do I have to online dating mod sims 4 a CAPTCHA?

If you and your Date have an awesome Date a special Relationship will always remind you of this Event. I accepted his message and he got added to my relationship panel. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, moc here instead.

The more I play Seasons the more I think the online dating thing is seriously bugged. Modd pretty obvious that Im online dating mod sims 4 big, terrible, mean person.

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Actually, Ive noticed that for awhile now, not sure after which patch, the wedding gifts from everyone, not just pets, stopped arriving. Their house didnt even have a computer.

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Last night I made a new Sim family for my neighborhood and moved them into a home, then went back to playing my Sim. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.

If somebody says I am a terrible, mean person, I will just grin evilly. Lmao I had to look again like WHAT?

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The online dating system is just too much work. SIMDA ONLINE and BLIND DATING APP for The Sims 4!

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Alexis founded SimsVIP in 2011 right after Aliens abducted her from Bella Goth’s house. My Sim is pretty curvy, so I put more to love, but they should add in a few more body types, like average, and curvy. That way you could match profiles better.

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It also told my sim off for not giving her nay attention and then implied shes not interested anymore. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licencors. Its so funny, Ive actually been laughing out loud from it.

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I love the online dating feature and I think its a great little flavor tool for our Sims, but they need to fix a few glaring errors in it with the next patch. Your sims can find dates online via the chatroom OR using the brand new app! Thats what bugs me, Im playing sunset valley at the moment and the majority of the male sims available to meet up and stuff are married. Last night I made a new Sim family for my neighborhood and moved them into a home, then went back to playing my Sim.

He already had a profile up with pending messages. Oline heres the funny part, I really felt bummed out like she said it to ME, and now I hate that sim lmao~~ So yeah the online feature is probably ( besides the gorgeous weather), one of the best online dating mod sims 4 added!

Is that all there is to online dating or am I missing something? All I find is Sims who are married.

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