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He charged it up and it worked for another 2 months. Should I move my air conditioner into the attic? We had a Freon leak, but it was recharged with a leak sealer and it fixed that. I am looking for some help to cover my financial losses from Daitng selling inferior products that they know do not last (in my case 19 months). What is nordyne ac dating black switch in thermostat for? Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to nordyne ac dating newsletter! We purchased this unit January 2016.

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Nordyne ac dating June 2013 I had a 4 ton Nutone IQ Drive manufactured by Nordyne installed. I called the AC company that put it in and they came out and checked it out and said the compressor was bad and it would be covered under warranty but not the labor.

We use nordyne ac dating software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Nordyne gave me the parts, labor was very expensive.

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Now it is running constantly and just barely cooling. The first defective I/D Nordyne Coil part was replaced under warranty on 2/9/2016. We purchased this brand new system and installed in into a completely renovated apartment. The external fan starts and then kicks off within a minute.

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AC company came out, they tested the system and turned board needed to be replaced - again I paid. I bought this house from a person who had this unit installed already. What is a “ton” of air conditioning?

Now I need a new a/c and I have become a poor widower, literally. E6 showed on my living room unit.

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Called the installer again he said he would be out Monday. Now August 28, 2017 the evaporator has to be replaced. What is the average lifespan of an air conditioner? So after talking to the company they offer a replacement compressor but wont cover the r22 recharge again!

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I need to top it up with the filling hose, but I cannot find the valves I need to attach it to. Oh, and the mobile home broker never gave us warranty papers.

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Purchased the above unit in 2009. So 19 1/2 months is all we got out of this piece of crap.

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Unit has been worked on twice this year (2016), with the third service call determining that the coil would have to be replaced. Then it was replaced today (another Nordyne) with more labor costs.

AC its showing error H6 datimg screen on in 1 min. The upstairs unit froze in the winter three times in the first four years, and shut down each time until Nick from Central Heating could fix the problem. Join our community to stay nordyne ac dating with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.

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