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Minute Mentoring® is an idea born out of necessity. Forty-two mentor speed dating residents dating someone 8 years younger in Mentor speed dating junior residents and 19 senior mentor speed dating in 23 mentor-mentee pairings.

Speed dating is a novel approach to forming mentorship pairings and identifying mentors/mentees with similar interests. This feedback is really helpful. As you confirm RSVPs from mentees also keep a wait list of mentees to add if others drop. The Blackwell Handbook of Mentoring: Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2008. Our qualitative data provided unique details on the perceived importance of the “right chemistry” and the great benefit of MSD to find out about the academic and personal interests of each other.

Definition and Evolution of Mentoring. Several participants of our focus-groups reported that expectations from both sides could be made clear.

In contrast, the mentoring cohort 2011 mentor speed dating 2012 met their mentors via an innovative method called Menttor. There were significant differences in responses to the items “Commitment of mentor” (p =. Student-Faculty Mentoring: Theoretical and Methodological Issues. One reason for this effect might be that the absolute satisfaction of male students without MSD was already very mentor speed dating.

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To get your target number you’ll need to ask a large pool of mentors. Journal of Vocational Behavior 200465(2):255–75. They usually have different projects and speed mentoring is helpful to get an overview.

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Rubin AS, Schachter A, Nathan M, Kalet A. Citation: Guse J, Schweigert E, Kulms G, Heinen I, Martens C, Guse AH (2016) Effects of Mentoring Speed Dating as an Innovative Matching Tool in Undergraduate Medical Education: A Mixed Methods Study.

Thanks to the generosity of PWN Milan Mentors, we could select 40+ mentors. Mentors provided different capacity for mentees. Predicting relational outcomes: An investigation of thin slice judgments in speed dating. Login to PWN Member Area with the email and password you used to register as PWN (the link is on the right upper part of the page.

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Furthermore, being able to contribute to the matching process is associated with greater mentorship quality and role modeling [ 13, 31, 32]. Consolidated criteria for reporting qualitative research (COREQ): a 32-item checklist for interviews and focus groups. Previous works have shown that the quality of the mentorship pairing is important, but techniques of pairing have seldom been described.

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Wrote the paper: JG ES GK IH CM AHG. The presented MSD approach addresses the important need of choosing the right mentor-mentee matches so that elements of trust and commitment are enhanced in the relationship. Gender was also included in the analyses because the mean was different for males and females among some items.

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Our study fills this gap and explored mentees’ and mentors’ experience with MSD and investigated the impact of MSD on the perceived mentorship quality in a formal mentoring program. Senior Vice President, Administration, U.

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The present data suggest that MSD is a valuable matching tool for a medium group size. In case matching was not successful, the organizers of the program recommended mentors with mentorship vacancy and the remaining students made individual appointments until they found a mentor they felt comfortable with. Altogether I am satisfied with my mentor” ( t(91) = -2. When holding sessions locally, we also ask mentees to list their mentors, collaborators, and anyone they would prefer not to be matched with because they already have access to the individual.

Our study has several limitations. Funding: Funding provided by Claussen-Simon-Stiftung, Hamburg, Germany (grant no 0678/150), web site: www. My mentor provided constructive and mentor speed dating feedback” ( F(1) = 4.

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