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Im 20 and dating a 17 year old

The states all vary in punishment and Age of Majority, this is pretty close to accurate top china dating app some interesting laws on gay/lesbian age of consent, why its different than the rest of us I have NO clue. Do you think a 20 year old dating a 17 year old is wrong?

Nobody treated me yezr way when I showed up here. Do you im 20 and dating a 17 year old a 20 year old dating ild 17 year old is wrong? But in this situation its yeqr best to wait until shes 18 or she can move out (Im not sure of the legalities around this). Do you think a 20 year old dating a 17 year old is wrong?

Where do you live that CPS is that shitty at their job? Its not on your profile or Im blind.

I hope references to The Simpsons arent out of place here, but WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN. It is not so different from a 40 year old dating a 35 year old. By all means keep on dating her. Its really not the employers business in the first place.

Christian friends before dating

We do have fairly high standards for writing here, but we have no way of enforcing them. Send comments about this website to: webmaster@straightdope. Do you think a 20 year old dating a 17 year old is wrong? If she turns 18 and a couple of months whats the big rush to date her anyway?

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What an employer thinks would be irrelevant if I had feelings for a co worker. So if the couple legalizes their union, then it’s okay for the girl to be 17. Morally I see no issue with 17/20, especially in the case of only one school year apart. If this is genuine, have her move in with you.

I suggest that you will have a much easier time if you start dating girls your own age. Everything should revolve around that.

How to start dating again after a bad breakup

AND employer regarding your pursuit of a minor. Remember, just be the adult, since people much older than you wont be.

14 year old daughter dating 18 year old

Some the male is 17, the female 16, some both 18, some both 16, etc. LEGAL in your area then go for it. Back then people did not divorce at the first problem to come along. Super common, and nothing anyone sees as an issue by itself.

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Pretty much everyone dated within the school. When emotions run high, just stay even keel. It’s a crime committed when an adult has sexual intercourse with a minor. This is true, but the thing is, when CPS was called before, her parents lied to CPS and said that she fell in an argument, but the thing is, if it happens again she doesnt want me to call cps because she said shed rather deal with it then live in a foster home, and well emancipation is almost never granted so thats not a route eather.

Criteria for dating my daughter

However, Ive met women of 16 who were more mature than women in their 40s, and not for their age either. She doesnt have the freedoms you have as an adult, and if you want to date her, realistically you have to do it either with their permission, or behind her parents backs. Shes technically still a child in the eyes of the law, but theres a huge difference between a seven year old and a 17 year old. If it wasnt immoral as a senior/junior, why would it be any different the next year?

Whats her exist strategy from that household? Relationships between classmates werent that common. Its kind of ridiculous how people will jump all over newcomers and say rude things just because the person is new. Two teenagers can have sex and its not statutory rape. Work diligently to improve your grammar, punctuation, etc.

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