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Im 17 and dating a 23 year old

As anecdotal evidence: I was around that age when my husband and I started dating and he is 4 years older than me. I would try and create a containment bubble around a situation you have limited control over but in reality you do have a way to contain the situation.

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If he begins to mistreat her or you see any signs of emotional abuse then you can put your foot down in a loving and parental way. You can check out other Childline pages, videos and games while you wait. UK here and I wonder im 17 and dating a 23 year old my perspective might be useful. Im 17 and dating a 23 year old guys her own age are not going to be highly competent, so it makes sense for her not to play with them.

Id be extremely wary of such advice. You have knowledge of the guys work and living situation. If you are on the same wave length then it might be ok.

On top of the above three points, she still finds time to volunteer, and to be the favourite mom among our kids friends. I have just found out that my 17 year old daughter is going out war thunder matchmaking balance a local 25 year old. In the process of asking her these questions, adn might even start thinking about issues she might have overlooked herself.

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I dont understand why someone in their twenties has to go for anyone under 18. Its also possible that one or both of them senses this. If the relationship develops, you could express your concerns, though not in a judgemental way - otherwise you could risk damaging your relationship with your daughter and pushing them together. Please dont quote things I did not say.

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You havent used the Childline website for a while. So, support her, make sure she knows that you are there for her, be (truly) happy that she found someone etc.

Outline your concerns but let your daughter know you love and support her and that it is only natural for you to be worried. There are representative studies for that?

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You are worried about your daughter missing opportunities (travelling, studies). Information Want to keep your visits to Childline private?

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What do you guys think of a 17 year old who is still in highschool dating a 23 year old who already finished college in terms of morals and legality as well? If they are okay with it, I see absolutely no harm in it. If this person is going to join your family, it should be on friendly and welcoming terms.

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Nothing wrong with banging if its legal though. Just adding that this is a well-known metric (anti creep factor) in Scandinavia as well.

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Well -- I feel that it totally contradicts the earlier I can only think hes with her for one reason! My mother disowned me and we didnt speak for a year.

Surely her getting married (if indeed that option has even been raised) doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not she finishes her education. There are certainly couples with a larger age dating a maltese man who are happy. You can call on 0800 1111, log on for a 1-2-1 chat or send an email. She was im 17 and dating a 23 year old for her age, and in the end it turned out her parents had never expected differently from her.

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