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Re: CLEARER PICS — 28th-Sep-2013 01:07 pm (UTC)the two men looks like Johnnys THUGS. In the meantime, hey say jump dating scandal the above CAPTCHA will let you continue who are celebrities dating 2018 use our services.

GOO Ranking] Johnnys combis you hope to see collaborate again in. To hold Johnny’s idols on a pedestal above female idols is just appalling, sexist, and just plain wrong. If they think they should not, then it’s also their business. Despite that, it’s very unlikely that his agency Johnny & Associates will even acknowledge the scandal.

Just read up on most idol graduations, that aren’t because they aged out of the group. Just like scandak, crime, war, religious intolerance, sexism is just another problem that will never go away. This would hey say jump dating scandal bring them even more problems.

Mari Natsuki transforms into One Piece character Dr. Oct-2013 01:55 pm (UTC)Sometimes I dont get Japanese fangirls taste. I’m also going to shoot down that scandak right now.

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Do you think that if the girls wouldn’t have such punishments the fans and ordinary people would be so worked-up about this? Most female idols don’t leave before they ahave to because they aged out. The two don’t leave at the same time and almost never meet up while they’re out. Although I always think Yuto is the most good-looking boy in that group.

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When has a female scandal ever been anywhere near this bad really? And women in Japan usually leave their jobs to be full time housewives, but female celebrities don’t stop being celebrities to be a wife and mother.

Just play x-box live, and you’ll see what i mean. Now they sell about 170,000 copies.

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But it seems like Johnny wotas will be crazy about this huh. Of course sexism is prevalent all over the world. Female idols prance around in bikinis. Im a friend of Nogizaka46s Kitano Hinako, and recently she has been dating Hey Say Jumps Chinen-kun, and I want it to be revealed that she has a secret social media account and she has been showing off and bad mouthing another member of Nogizaka, Saito Asuka.

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Also, as a bikini model she is still unknown, she has been working at a part-time job as a hostess in a club in Roppongi. I feel hes deteriorated from that and just became mediocre. So it’s not about the craziness of the fans, it’s about how much money they spent.

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I’m 100% sure that that act alone most likely broke his contract. That’s not really enough members to really replace members that leave.

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And I think comparing women getting hassled, and maybe even abused (I do not use Xbox Live so I have no idea how bad it is) on Xbox Live is a weak comparison to what it’s like for women in Japan. I think every idol fan in existence knows that.

You cannot do that with JE groups. But I hope domestic fans will stand up to this someday and make some real change happen. Besides wota flipping out and breaking CDs, burning photos, ripping up photos, and completely not supporting a girl anymore because best openers for dating sites a boyfriend scandal, I actually think wota are a little more tame in comparison For the most part the wota are very respectful.

And as awful as hey say jump dating scandal sounds, heu even made out scandwl than a lot of female idols do.

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