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He wants me now that im dating someone else

I have not contacted her otherwise in 6 weeks. Should I just continue not to talk dating different types of guys him?

I asked him why he messaged me and he said he miss me and miss being with me but it doesnt change anything. I have been going on a month straight of losing my ex husband, love he wants me now that im dating someone else father of my children of four years.

How can i ask for commitment, if we dont talk, and were not together? Now, after her choice of leaving me (and the choice is an important one, it goes against her actual expectations in life), and after all her rejections, it is hard to believe i could get her back. Since the break up, I have managed to get my confidence back, but I still have feelings for her.

While she decided to go for the guy who didnt need time to realize and express his feelings for her, I think shed agree that it ultimately came down to going with her heart.

Youre hookup app apple torturing yourself-- your brain chemistry is torturing you. I am in shambles thzt torn apart and really need some advice on what to do. The past couple of months had been very volatile with fighting.

We have a child together and work together. Did he actually mess up or was that intentional .

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In her case I do believe she might be aware that I want her back. He said he fall for others fall me to leave and yet we are now like texting , but he kept reminding me that he dont wish to give me false hope . I called him 2weeks ago because he was in a car accident.

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She said she still wanted to be w me but id have to make it up to her. I again ran into the both of them this past weekend and he again did the same thing. I wanted to have no sex for 2 weeks or so. April was his bday (which I ignored) and my bday came a week later, where he wished me happy bday.

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years, about two months ago. Do you think shes confused by what she feels for me? During our relationship he told me that he loves me, admires me and is happy when he is with me. Keep applying no contact for at least 2-3 months.

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Now that I know he has been with someone else it is driving me crazy! Because what we feel right now is the best base off of which well make life decisions. I know that its hard time for her.

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Today weve got a reader with a problem that sounds great on the surface: two guys to choose from. What do you think, do you think I am just wasting my time thinking about us getting back together?

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My ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago after a 2 and a half year relationship. Then, both of us were busy in our own lives. In 2013, she sent me dating site messages about how she screwed up, then she wanted to meet up before an activity(baseball) that we used to watch lots of but I canceled due to issues that came up, in the summer she was texting me but I put her in the NC zone and told her to quit contacting me. His parents like me and my dad likes him.

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No response back did set me back a bit emotionally but for only one day! He said he fell in love with me the first summer he met me, we were kids, about 11/12, and we seemed to connect immediately. And well lets just say it hasnt been easy.

Ive been receiving your emails and they do help a lot. Give her some he wants me now that im dating someone else and then meet up again. My gf broke up with me a little more than someoone weeks ago over dating baseball bats stupid fight and she told me she still loved me but she didnt wanna get back with me since she wanted to focus on her study and her exam, etc.

Me and my bf after a year moved apart and tried the Long Distance but it didnt work, he said he just didnt want us to be torn up by the time we got back to eachother, he said its a break but it feels like he might just want to end it.

I find this hard to believe, I moved to Germany for her and we have almost always been happy.

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