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This FOSTA does not affect Sitf. Consenting adult sex work can be called a service. And it’s shittier because the effect of the bill could be reached sihe more specific language, such as defining intent better, defining facilitate better, or defining “prostitution” better. Its no mistake this happened just at the time when the US president has a scandal in the news about having an affair with a porn star, and while hes been pushing a long attack at any media that doesnt just lick his boots.

For a while Backpage was whut financial backbone for independent furry dating site shut down of its corporate owner - Its named for the racy online dating germany in english in back of free alt weekly papers. Choosingbeggars - I CHEATED on you.

Search for: Search Categories Categories Monthly Archive Monthly Archive Recent Twitter Stuff My Tweets Want to contact me? Org is really furry dating site shut down cover for a sex trafficking ring all along and that’s why sitf closed down? Pounced goes on to explain that while it doesn’t datint promote prostitution or furry dating site shut down trafficking, a part of FOSTA says that if the site does facilitate the prostitution of another person—even unknowingly—its liable.

These all get to the mens rea, by the way, the state of mind of the actor in criminal law, and it really is a whole complicated thing. If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than sute, if he had the power, would funny online dating pick up lines justified in silencing mankind.

I would have purged all of those ads, and had already created selection criteria and gone through new and updates ads, eyeing which ones would be purged and which would remain.

It’s a webpage that lists a lot of information on why a daing with the furry dating site shut down name was made inaccessible and a text listing of plans to bring the site back.

Congress passed the Fight Online Sex Nick viall dating Act last month, and now Furry Dating Site, Pounced, has decided to close sits doors because of how vague the FOSTA act is. Vote for the 2018 Ursa Major Awards to support the best works of furry fandom.

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Non-trafficked people who sell sex arent murdering anyone, hate groups are, hm what could the difference be. Boozy told me in an email that since Pounced went down, he’s seen people in the community reminiscing and commiserating over how they met friends, lovers and spouses on the site. Nobody in Congress was cruising the internet one day and came across Pounced.

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Lawyers & Liquor is run out of my pocket, so every bit helps me do shit. For one day one each month I, the Boozy Barrister, sprout the head of a badger and become the Boozy Badger to rant profanely about legal issues and news in the furry fandom. They’re just as much fans into books and art as anyone else in it. Some background into this bill: According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in 75% of cases where they receive reports of child sex trafficking from the general public, the personals website Backpage.

An update on the site from March 31 says its working to update our terms of service and modify the site as required. I thought that’s what Twitter was for. Craigslist and others are using (or that they bought into it), I feel there is something else going on, especially given my own involvement in issues which ARE of importance here: the actual exploitation of minors by Pounced because they do not have sufficient measures to prevent minors from using the site. The only way to really disprove the intent is to vigorously monitor all the listings on your site, taking down any listings or ads that may be related to the sex trade,” he writes.

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The problem is, with limited resources and a small volunteer staff, our risk for operating the site has now significantly increased. I hope to see some of those assholes in jail where they belong for their part in the exploitation of young people. Since it’s a volunteer-run website, a lawsuit or charges for violating this law (which isn’t a law yet, but will be once the president signs the bill) would be devastating.

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Hey great, a little more detail from anon. Users will most likely be required to verify their identity and submit an application to join the site which will include questions I will create which will elucidate their intent and seriousness. The excuse is always one of the following: child abuse, drugs, pornography, or terrorism. There was no registration required to look through the ads, but some contact details were hidden.

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Pounced was deleted from the server and replaced with a link to someones opinion about the effects of the legislation on legitimate sex workers. Adult furry stuff is self generated, and often direct and indie unlike exploitative business. Tech Support Scammer Reacts To MEMZ Virus!

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So the Fed has struck, apparently they were thirsty for BackPage. Many furries are into art and genre stuff that has nothing to do with sex. EFF is an organization which takes peoples money, no more.

They are simply telling people lies about this legislation and taking their money. People guys dating sites easily detect this stuff, its not their fault and thats the scary thing about this law.

On March 23, two days after Congress passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), it suddenly and voluntarily shut down. Two guys come to your bar, sit down, and start planning a murder in the furry dating site shut down.

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