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However, tragedy would befall the Gilbert family as during the ride home, Elena and her parents car drove off the Wickery Bridge and fall into a lake. Elena wakes up elena dating timeline a cell elena dating timeline to Damon in the basement of epena Whitmore house, and she finally learns about Damons Augustine days. Damons lost count of how many Whitmores hes killed over the years and there isnt anything to excuse him for his shocking, horrifying behavior. Elena and Damons Rain Kiss made it to TV Guides list of the elena dating timeline datiny kisses.

We have no datting how long they were together (time in Mystic Falls is crazypants), but Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan(Paul Wesley) have been through a lot on The Vampire Diaries. Elema its revealed the sirebond only affects her actions and not her love for him, Damon still retains his worries of their relationship and feels guilty, believing he might be taking advantage of her.

When Elena found a photo of Katherine, she left Stefans and while driving on the road, her car ran timelin a hooded man, but he survived and made his way towards her overturned car. And then things just kept getting worse. Thankfully Damon was saved by Katherine using Klaus blood. It’s going to make it more difficult for her, [18] while describing the situation as a whole new Elena and elena dating timeline a whole new day.

In Hello, Dlena, Damon escapes from reality to memories of Elena, in an attempt to find the strength to live under the assaults of Sybil. At the Gone with the Wind screening Elena finds Damon and elena dating timeline him away, but as she does Damon gets confused, mixing the present with the past, when he chased Dating horseshoes uk through some woods.

They love her elena dating timeline much to ever really hurt her, Elena said, so what does she have to be afraid of?

Elenas meaningful stare at Damon. At first, Elena tries to move on but then realizes she cant seem to shake her feelings for Damon. She wanted to see her datin and raise hell, which would be elena dating timeline entertaining.

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This leaves the gang mourning the loss of Damon and Bonnie in the season finale. Elena remembers their first true meeting on the night her parents died and Damon confessing his love for Elena from the second season, leaving her awestruck from these new revelations and developments.

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Damon: So you didnt forget my number. Elena learns she and Katherine look identical and believes that Stefan only loves her due to the her resemblance to Katherine, believing he might consider her Katherines replacement. Now I can’t think of anything more miserable on earth. Stefan had a relationship with Rebekah in the 1920s when Stefan was a ripper.

Later, Damon removes the spear from Elena, but she is still weak and gasping. Thus Elena decided to renew their relationship, but she wanted to start over. Stefan warns Damon to not take the cure because Lily is getting out of control. For now, she wont but still wants Alaric to hold onto everything just in case.

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Damon: Because your fantasy of 5 years from now scared the hell out of me. Elena takes it and after kissing him leaves to change. Damon: Yet, what weve been doing here--means something. Shes sad to be losing her memories of Damon as she doesnt want to stop loving him, but knows she needs to.

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After an errand with Alaric, Damon sees Elena in the couch writing in her diary and puts her foot up so he can sit down then puts her foot back on his lap, patting it. She kisses him to reassure him that he did the right thing but he still looks devastated. In The Last Day, Damon is lying in bed listening to Elena, Stefan, and Elijah talk about the sun and moon curse. Elena then wakes up and Damon smiles at her.

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Elena and Damon finally get back together. Stefan sends Elena and Damon on a road trip, so she can figure out who she should be with. Stefan saved Elena after her parents car accident. Elena: Thats what you do Damon, you think you dont deserve something so you ruin it.

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However, Damon is upset and shocked to learn that Elena compelled her memories and love of him away. Damon tells her when she became a vampire, he was happy that she could be with him forever. Just as it does, the sun rises over the horizon and Elenas skin starts to sizzle.

He pushed you to own the darkest sleepy dating of yourself. Elena: Why are you acting like this? Damon: Im setting you free, Elena.

Elenas phone buzzes to remind her to go to Jeremys parent-teacher conference.

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