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In the end, Nikki & Jack won the elimination room quiz and returned to the competition. In the creepy-crawlies challenge, the beauties had to transport bugs of different values to their own bowl and whoever scored 100 points worth of online dating protocols won the challenge.

So then who are you more excited for SOAD or limp Bizkit? But the 21-year-olds background has been concealed from fans of the show. What credentials would you have to back that claim? The contestants partner won the challenge and they were safe from elimination. In episode 6, Maddy quit dolly and gilbert beauty and the geek dating competition due to health reasons, Jacelle (from the team Jacelle & Theo) returned to be Gilberts new team partner, ending the teams of both Jacelle & Theo and Maddy & Gilbert and beginning the new dolly and gilbert beauty and the geek dating of Jacelle & Between the two beauties, the judge would declare a winner.

Click here to request being added to our calendar. Our guys had issues, logistically. My favourite challenges, far and away, were the Roller Derby and the Geek Makeovers. Free To Air TV Ratings, Week 43, 16th October - 22nd October 2011.

I wasnt feeling like we had a team and I was about to get rid of her. However, a twist was introduce so that the two winning te of the week (Gilbert and Jacelle in the Mustering Maths challenge, and Jimmy and Mackenzie in the style challenge) had the power to nominate a couple to return to the mansion, instead of nominating a couple to be eliminated.

In Week 5 the winning couples had the opportunity to choose whether dolly and gilbert beauty and the geek dating send someone home or not.

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The contestant was eliminated from the competition. In the first half of episode 7, Kim & Rich, and Kristy & Jason had to nominate two teams to return to the competition instead of the usual nominating two teams to go home.

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The third season of Beauty and the Geek Australia features the same contestant structure as the first season, with one big twist one of the Beauties is a male and one of the geeks is a female. It was originally hosted by Bernard Curry in the first four series and has been replaced by James Tobin as the new host. Were Gil and Dolly just not as close as the other couples? The guy who got me the audition is one of my DnD group.

The geeks later took part in a roller-skating derby challenge in which a Sydney womens roller-derby team would try to knock them over. The contestant won the challenge and their pair was safe from elimination. I cried when he got the tattoo, because I was so shocked. Yeah, they grew my beard and put me in a silly outfit.

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A ⊃ or a ⋑ indicates that the winning team had the power to nominate a non winning / non immune team for elimination a ⊂ or ⋐ indicates the team who received it and faced elimination. And we can reveal their break-up has taken a nasty turn after Cosgrove - who won the last season of the Seven reality series - posted several bitter Facebook rants about his former girlfriend. The geeks changed from geek to chic as they transformed very differently. The contestant won the challenge and their pair was safe from elimination.

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Are you hanging around a different crowd after being on the show? Besides the man has style to spare!

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Whether I agree or not, it wasnt her call. The couples then participated in a dance battle, and following these two challenges all the attendees had to vote on which couple had the strongest bond. Perhaps web developer would have been a better depiction of my skills?

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Ive seen SOAD A few times, theyre always awesome. The beauties studied the anatomy of the body. A truly interesting and unique event. In no apparent order, the contestants for the second season are as follows.

Does your favourite app share data with Facebook? They were both through to the final quiz, as were their partners. As geeek treat there was no elimination for that week.

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