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I felt terrible about this for a long time, like I was a bad guy or something, until one of my trans friends and I talked about it and he (born she) explained to me this dating transwoman reddit perspective. Ah yes, where are the facts of your earlier statement? Dont let their opinion sway your feelings toward her. Of course killing someone for being honest about who they are is horrible. They arent going to change their opinions overnight.

Im genuinely curious dating transwoman reddit this was down voted so much. Ive had moments where I wonder what she looked like before but Id never bring it up. Like my über feminist friend does stuff where she wont shut up about how were both women and speed dating york always makes me want to cry.

But dont most trans people want to cross over to the other side? Dating transwoman reddit being said, Im sorry that theyre being this way. Nobody wants to stay in an environment where nobody understands them and everyones undermining them.

When I dating transwoman reddit post op I mean rdddit they no longer have a dick and have essentially transformed into dating transwoman reddit female. Male and female brains are, for the most part, the same. Ofc most are chasers (like 90%) but Ive met some tganswoman, interesting partners since starting transition I dont think Idve met before. In my experience, people who express bigotry of one variety usually do about all other types of bigotry. We do not allow questions/comments from throwaways or accounts with low karma (< 5 for comments, < 10 for posts).

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About 6 months into our relationship. Hmmm, I wonder who is more qualified. Ramachandran gave an interesting TED talk where they studied the difference between men who lost their penis (due to war or whatever) and trans women after surgery. I mean, if a girl used to be ugly, or probably just unattractive to me, that doesnt mean she cant be attractive now.

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I think weve been through so much that Im in a position where I can answer most questions about being in a trans relationship. Do not make posts asking about a specific persons or group of peoples actions, behavior, or thinking. Im talking about big tits almost showing, overly done makeup.

Trans porn paints a picture thats so far from accurate its almost comical. Transgender people have a brain configuration that more closely matches the opposite sexs brain configuration. And let me tell you, labels do NOT work. If they keep it up, you have shitty friends.

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Sexuality is fluid, personally idc whats in your pants because if I find you attractive well make it work in bed. Outside of that, you have people who have atypical genitalia at birth and are reassigned to a different gender because it’s simpler, people who don’t fall cleanly into either gender (intersex individuals, XXY and XYY individuals, etc.

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On a more clinical side, the reason I experienced that is likely that my brain was less masculinized during prenatal development, essentially leaving me with a feminine structured brain that is more apt for existing in a body with typical female anatomy and typical female hormone levels rather than typical male levels. If theres mutual attraction and interest between us, I have no reason to say no.

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Im just putting that out there. We made out a little but nothing below the belt. Feel free to dm me I’d be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have. Most of my life I have always had gay friends.

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I still liked wearing dresses, painting my nails, and playing dress-up with my sister. I mean, I would need to be legit attracted to them, but hell yeah.

Meet dating transwoman reddit public places, disclose right away before the date starts, if the guy reacts transwlman there is public around, you are safeish, and avoid a ton of very serious issues, as we both trasnwoman, trans are in events dating app danger. Im trying to come from it from a certain perspective. But it does make dating transwoman reddit very sad, because having it laid out so plainly, so bluntly, of a myriad of voices all saying at once We dont like you, for the simple and unchangeable fact of what you are is extremely demoralizing.

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