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Mary O’Conor I have been with my partner for almost a decade now and am starting to fun dating quiz whether I still want to be in a relationship with him. That’s a great conversation starter. Despite going through most of their day wearing glasses, many glasses wearers picture themselves as dating someone with glasses perfect 20/20 vision when constructing their dating site monkey in their mind’s eye.

You can take them off, put the temples dating someone with glasses your teeth, lower them to your nose, push them up closer to your eyes, push them up on your head.

Although its original purpose is to be a corrective eyewear, it has become a factor for some people’s dating preference. We tried counselling but he always twists things to be my fault and when the counselling started to get deep he walked. Most studies focusing on glasses deal with outside perceptions, but what goes on from the inside-out? Power couples: why do some celebrities keep going back for. Hes a little bit dating someone with glasses and a lot quirky. The whole Clark Kent/Christian Grey/mature guy/hot teacher/bookish nerd fantasy every girl has is fulfilled by a cute guy in glasses.

He knows it’s what’s under the surface that counts.

The same way a woman might pluck her real eyebrows and draw them in with make-up, youre doing the same thing with your glasses,” Handley says. Which, drawing a straight line, dating someone with glasses us to the sickening reality of the genetically blessed wearing lens-free frames. Sating tells your date you are not afraid to show off who you truly are, and if that means a person without 20/20 vision, then so be it!

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He goes to the gym to be healthy, he dresses well because it makes him feel good, not because he uses his looks as a crutch. We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the Internet.

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It taught him not to care about how other people see him because not wearing one would make him not see anybody else clearly, literally. That’s going to be problematic for some. When I asked her if she’d just decided to forgo her contacts, she replied that she had, in fact, not. They’ll also listen to what you have to say and are always eager to learn new things, especially when they’re about you.

He’ll make you feel wanted, make you happy and set up a net of safety you never knew you wanted. Not to say he isn’t attractive -- because he totally is -- but he doesn’t feel any need to put pressure on looking good. Putting them on for fashion alone feels like faking a wheelchair-bound injury at a theme park to jump to the front of the line. He likes romance he’s old-fashioned like that.

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You just know that there’s more than what you see on the surface. To prove this point, there was actually a study where people who wear glasses were considered to be 14 IQ points more intelligent than those who don’t wear a pair. Here are 23 completely logical, maybe not-too-obvious, reasons to date a guy who wears glasses. Dear Mary: My partner and his friend lied about their intimate.

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So what’s going on when we, the poor-sighted, continue to don glasses? Below are some reasons why ladies like you should not hesitate to date a man who has more eyes to adore you. It’s also changed the amount of time she spends in front of the mirror. They have tools with them at all times if they break- Namely a little screwdriver for when the teeny tiny screws decide that they no longer want to keep their s**t together.

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Put him in the middle of a crowd of glassless guys and he will stand out looking so hot you’d want to take off those glasses and ruffle his hair before giving him a French kiss. Seeing the world through a small piece of glass has to change ones perception of that world. There’s a variety of eyeglasses for men out there, and it’s up to them which one they want to dawn in their next date.

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You can either take him as he is or move on. He knows who he is and he’s comfortable with his appearance.

Or that the opposite sex will never pay you any attention because of the spectacles on your face? But, as tends to be the case when someone’s disabilities are prominently displayed, negative feelings began to dating someone with glasses as well.

He’ll make you feel safe -- and don’t we all need that sometimes? One somewhat hilarious reason she hesitated on the decision: Her phobia of disgusting showers.

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