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Dating someone 10 years younger reddit

We havent had a fight in the 10 years weve been together, small disagreements but nothing major. We were buds for 5 years and I was dating someone 10 years younger reddit someone else.

We how long does it take for online dating to work (about) a 45 year age gap, he constantly feels bad and is insecure that I’m with him and not with someone younger.

Somsone always been one to make friends with people older than me, but Im by far the youngest person hes ever dated. I just made my own comment with concerns about this.

My Dad had a loooong blonde ponytail, which is now cut short and he makes up for it with a vating ginger beard, and my mother had blonde hair which has now naturally gone brown. As long as she was of legal age then fuck them, she can make her own damn decisions.

When I was 19-20 I dating someone 10 years younger reddit a guy in his 30s. Thanks, my parents are 7 years apart but 10 just seems like a little much. We were in completely different life situations and in the end we both realised that it was not very realistic that it could continue and we parted as friends after a couple of months. But with genetic tests so affordable, we know that infidelity is pretty common. I guess I gf is dating another guy the wrong idea, but I swore he was flirting with me all night.

Sometimes I wish hed go out with me to hangout with friends or get dinner/drinks (he doesnt like to go out often), but were both homebodies for the most part so it works out. When she eventually does leave you because she finally realizes eww youre so old, no one will blame her for escaping the clutches of an old lecher, and no one will have pity on you. My mom and I arent close though, so whenever she says something negative about the relationship I can blow it off dating someone 10 years younger reddit easily.

There is of course other maintenance but its not every day.

We have been dating for 7 years

Any positive stories about dating someone younger? Im on the gen x / millennial cusp (in the gap between them) and prefer millennials to gen xers, so I almost always date a couple years younger. I wasnt sure what she was looking for out of our first interaction. Interesting story, when I was in my 20s, I dated a girl in her 30s.

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I have a feeling this is going to end up on SRS. It was my first year and lots of the moms thought it their duty to set up the young, male teacher. Hes my best friends ex fiancée. He grew to resent me because of the financial situation, despite me not expecting any of it.

And let me know if you suspect your submission has been caught in the spam filter. Dont you worry, Im not offended or upset. The weird thing is that its not weird. Im a 46 yr old woman dating a 26 yr old man, we met at 22/42.

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Didnt really know how old she was until she told me she was lying to her mom about where she was. The only cons I can think of are sometimes, especially lately, he doesn’t always get the jokes I make that reference certain things from the internet and then I have to explain them.

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The maturity and experience levels did not match. There isnt too much of a gap, and when there is, he gets excited to be the one to show me movies that Im not familiar with. Cant hang out with her friends. Society also looks down on the couples, especially the older member.

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Hes an amazing man who loves and takes care of me. He has seen a lot of shit, withstood a lot of shit, and can handle when I have a bad day. When things were getting more serious I realized she would be 40 before I was 30 and it really bothered me. My undergrad degree is from a US college.

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He didnt miss any classes for the next year. Hes got many decades of life experience from living and the jobs hes done. Like most rules, generally an arbitrary rule of thumb that tends to spit out what most people feel is an acceptable dating range.

I imagine dating someone 10 years younger reddit would be weird as a kid to have a possible step-parent who is young enough to date you without 110 blinking lol. He has a house filled with nice, high quality furniture and artwork, whereas I only have a studio apartment filled with furniture from Ikea.

Her optimism makes you less cynical. My FIL only has one working lung, and a laundry list of youngdr health problems, not to mention hes just friggin tired.

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