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Eagle ® A beefed up version of the Larkincluding an extra thick mounting claw and a built in dating shimano parts to protect the derailer from impact. They achieved this position because they have the most successful research and development program in the industry. Super SLR ® Titlist ® Inexpensive online dating describing yourself examples front derailer of the 70s Ultegra ® ULtimate in TEGRity Uniglide ® Older Shimano freewheel and cassette sprocket design, using twisted teeth for improved shifting.

If the light break weights don’t provide adequate spool stopping power, change them simply by pulling them off of the spool and replace them with the heavier weights. My earlier hubs have no such letter marking. Dating shimano parts are that your reel is fine. SLR ® Shimano Linear Response ® A constellation of brake improvements primarily aimed at reducing friction.

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Use provided shims to adjust spool height on the reel. RX-100 -- Reported to be the same as the 105 group except for finish.

SC dating shimano parts 7-speed and dual-pivot brakes were added. Locate the appropriate form for your territory (U. The current is 6700 for most components.

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This code indicates 1991, June (info. If the 3rd number is a 5, as in 6650, (ususally only noted on the crank) then the group came with a compact crank.

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My gold Tourneys are HI and silver ones are FB fron the front and BR-Z 72. Check spool bearing for smoothness or corrosion.

Sunshine and Sansin hubs were made by the same company. See the Shimano Cassette Freehub page for details. Therefore, the rod must be held in a stable position either by a person or a rod holder. For best results, place a pencil in the center of the spool and have a friend hold either end of the pencil securing the spool while you are filling the spool on your reel.

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The first group to feature front indexing, roughly comparable to Acera-X/Alivio. Can I upgrade or exchange my Shimano product? Why are there more than one color of break weights for my Baitcasting VBS system?

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Now, run along and turn your Shimano parts over searching for the codes! Shimano use a 2 letter code for their components. The parts had to be made very cheaply to meet the price points required.

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FD-6770 the part was designed for electronic shifting. Includes the use of lined cable housing and lightly sprung calipers/cantilevers, accompanied by levers that also contain a return spring (a Dia Compe invention. Cable travel is longer than with other Shimano systems.

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Line guide on level wind does not work. Why doesn’t Shimano honor the Over-The-Counter Program anymore? An Authorized Shimano Retailer will possess a brick and mortar shop.

If the spool rotates and the line stays in place you have line slippage. See also the 1973 Shimano Dura-Ace Catalogue on this site.

How dating shimano parts I use the VBS (Variable Break System) feature of my Shimano Baitcasting reel?

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