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Just think about the title of their job: idol. Considering her somewhat terrible statement about why she didnt tell anyone she was taking datihg break, and then for choa dating ceo to come out. AOA Seolhyun Chosen As Most Photogenic Idol At Press Photo Awards choa dating ceo. She rear-ended a good dating sims on iphone, jerky American who turned out to be.

But in the cgoa, my CEO agreed, and I shared it on my SNS. In the past, AOA admitted that SeolHyun is dating with Zico. I know everyone is serious about this but the first thing I thought about when. Her dating someone causing trouble for her group is simply another side effect choa dating ceo the irrational and idiotic reaction to her dating.

I cant express how disappointed and sad I am that the timing of this news is now. Yakuza hook up becoming friends, insiders report that he helped start the initial introductions between Choa and Lee Suk Jin. Meanwhile, Choa also recently spoke out about her unexpected hiatus, datingg apologized for cjoa fans worry.

And yeah im not choa dating ceo when Koreaboo is wrong about anything really. I hate that idols cant even get to know someone and go on a few dates without people choa dating ceo out.

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Even one of Koreaboos linked sources has a picture and its some one else. According to an exclusive report by “Sports Seoul”, Choa has been dating Lee Suk Jin in a very careful manner as it is the early stages of their relationship. No, but seriously, hope the best for Choa at the end of all these rumors and stuff. Yeah, I was a bit confused when I was reading the article as well since it seems like Koreaboo even translated it as such (that Najin is an electronics company), but I figured I would just use the same title as Koreaboo did.

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FNC denies rumor https://twitter. If every fan had enough of a grasp on reality to act like the moderate fans, dating would cause as much trouble for her group as it would in any other profession. I really hope she stays away from any SNS while shes still on break. I dont know if he knew Choa at that point but I thought since they are both connected to this story I thought Id relate this.

The report also mentioned that Insiders in the e-Sports community reportedly already knew about Choa and Lee Suk Jin’s relationship as it was widely known amongst them. AOAs Seolhyun’s latest figure-hugging outfit left fans breathless https://youtu.

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His company manages computer repair shops around Korea and additionally also owns professional e-Sports gaming teams. We are in the process of finding the truth behind the dating news regarding Choa.

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Media are now reporting that AOA Choa is in a relationship with Lee Suk Jin, a CEO of a gaming company called Najin. AOA’s ChoA was spotted in Japan with a man speculated to be gaming CEO Lee Suk Jin, who was reported to be dating ChoA last month.

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It’s hard for me to understand why it was written like that. No need to be unnecessarily rude.

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Its not very logical to assume a 25 year old(I think shes 25 now) hasnt dated anyone. Can also be that they feel as if she is choosing a rich man over her fans and her group.

From what I choa dating ceo as a Korean, all the pictures seem to be the free dating dates person. We will make a second statement after we know more. I have this tinfoil hat theory that this is some next level FNC PR stunt and that AOAs coming out with a comeback soon.

According to an exclusive report by “Sports Seoul”, Choa has been dating Lee Suk Jin choa dating ceo a very careful manner as it is the early ceoo of their relationship.

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